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What is the difference between a dispenser and a hot melt dispenser

           In addition to the hot melt glue dispensing machine to be used in the packaging field, the construction industry and the automobile manufacturing industry, the dispensing machine is also used as an auxiliary machinery and equipment for packaging manufacturing, and it also belongs to a kind of industrial equipment for melt glue dispensing machinery and equipment, although the most used is the hot melt glue dispensing machine and the glue spraying machine, but the dispensing machine is also used in the fields of packaging, wallpaper and other fields, so what is the difference between the dispensing machine and the hot melt glue dispensing machine?

①The mechanical equipment of the hot melt glue dispensing machine is mainly used to melt the hot melt adhesive, so that the solid hot melt adhesive is converted into liquid glue and can be made into spots, strips, fog and other different forms of spraying on the goods that must be glued, the use of a wide coverage, vehicle line, packaging, garment factory, self-adhesive labels, etc. are used, and the gluing machine is mainly used for cartons, bags, leather goods, shoes, etc.

②The hot melt glue dispensing machine is to add hot glue in the melting master cylinder, carry out glue melting in the heating cylinder, heat the rubber hose and sizing equipment, run the charging equipment to transport the glue and then run the sizing equipment according to the technical regulations to carry out glue spraying, and the glue machine is mainly based on the hot melt glue of the glue storage tank, after the rotation of the roller, the raw materials of the hot melt dispensing machine go through this roller, and the hot melt on the roller is naturally and evenly applied to the materials to be bonded.

There are many things that must be paid special attention to when actually operating the hot melt glue dispensing machine, improper operation of the hot melt glue dispensing machine or insufficient maintenance is very easy to lead to uneven gluing or metal drawing of hot melt adhesive. The gluing machine carries out gluing according to the roller, the actual operation is simple, the glue is evenly applied, and the glue is saved, the environment is protected, it is not easy to lead to consumption, the glue is fast and neat, and the time equipment can control the time and the equipment can accurately cut the glue.


          However, each commodity has advantages and disadvantages, the use of hot melt glue dispensing machine covers a wide range, and can meet all kinds of production and manufacturing processes, can carry out spraying, coating, dotting and other practical operations, while the gluing machine because of its role is relatively limited. Generally, it is only used to package the cardboard after the printing film is cut to meet the whole process of carton gluing process.

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